Dear visitors,

We take Covid19 very seriously! Good hygiene is always a priority for us, but in these times we carefully follow the guidelines of the RIVM so that you can safely experience a VR experience.

Unfortunately, the national rules were tightened up again on 28 September. Fortunately, we can remain open, but must take some additional measures. For example, we have to adhere to a maximum of 30 people (excluding staff) in the room and we make masks and plastic gloves available that we recommend to use when playing. It is also important that guests keep the maximum group size of 4 people upon arrival. Because of our space and the use of walking routes, we can guarantee the 1.5 meters distance and request all guests to adhere to this as well. Of course, hands can be disinfected in several places and our VR gear is thoroughly cleaned after every play session.

Keeping to the rules is a shared responsibility. We understand that this still raises questions. These can be emailed to, we will respond by telephone or email as soon as possible, but we hope for understanding in the event of any delay in view of the situation.

VR Arcade


VR Arcade WesterUnie

Play VR in a place where normally thousands of people are partying!

There is a second bar near the games room so you and your friends can watch live action.

It's not every day that you have to compete in VR to save the world, so pay attention during the tutorials!



The Westergasterras, which is affiliated with VR Arcade Westerunie, offers an attractive catering facility.

The Westergasterras has an extensive kitchen with various delicious dishes. But after saving the world, the richly filled burger will always remain the number 1 choice!

Ideally suited for large groups.