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We take Covid19 very seriously! Good hygiene is always a priority for us, but in these times we carefully follow the guidelines of the RIVM so that you can safely experience a VR experience.

Unfortunately, the national rules were tightened up again on 28 September. Fortunately, we can remain open, but must take some additional measures. For example, we have to adhere to a maximum of 30 people (excluding staff) in the room and we make masks and plastic gloves available that we recommend to use when playing. It is also important that guests keep the maximum group size of 4 people upon arrival. Because of our space and the use of walking routes, we can guarantee the 1.5 meters distance and request all guests to adhere to this as well. Of course, hands can be disinfected in several places and our VR gear is thoroughly cleaned after every play session.

Keeping to the rules is a shared responsibility. We understand that this still raises questions. These can be emailed to, we will respond by telephone or email as soon as possible, but we hope for understanding in the event of any delay in view of the situation.

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frequently asked questions

Our Corona protocol can be downloaded here. There are also physical versions available on every arcade. The following additional measures have been taken in all arcades.

1) We only allow guests who have made a reservation.

2) Upon entering, the (sr.) Host will inquire about the health of the guests.

3) When registering, guests must confirm their health.

4) The (sr.) Host will ensure that guests observe a distance of one and a half meters to each other and staff.

5) To ensure a distance of one and a half meters and hygiene, various items are taped with clear tape, such as the bar and pool table.

6) To remind guests of the general regulations of RIVM, stickers are strategically placed.

7) The toilets are equipped with a push button so that other guests know that it is occupied.

8) In addition to the fact that we have always clean the VR gear thoroughly after every session / group, we now also do this with our furniture / arcade games in the lobby and toilets.

9) There are disinfectant hand gels in several places in the lobby that guests can use.

10) Gloves and masks are available in our arcades. We recommend that you use these while playing. Hand tracking is used in Amsterdam and the use of gloves is mandatory.

11) During the play session you can see each other in VR. We have a total space of approximately 200 m2, so there is enough space to avoid each other.

Prepare for a great VR experience! Make sure you arrive about 15 minutes in advance to check in and prepare.

Your session starts at the booked time. While you wait for your turn you can have a drink in our bar. Included in the ticket price is the use of our pool table, board games and the VR mini games to play before or after your session, please note that the offer may differ per location. More information can be found on the location page of our website.

You can easily book up to 20 people on this website online yourself.

Via the button at the top right "book now" you can see the places still available and corresponding prices. After completing your booking you will receive an email with the confirmation and all the "need to know". Read this email carefully!

For group packages from 20 people you can submit a request via our group packages page request groups.

If the time of your preference is no longer visible, it may fall outside of our opening hours or the time slot has already been booked. The calendar online corresponds to the calendar of our locations. We hope you can find another suitable time to come and play!

For a VR session, we charge half an hour from your booked time. You get an explanation about the game and the gear, the game itself takes 20 minutes. We ask you to arrive on time so that you can really start at the booked time. In advance and afterwards you are welcome to use the other facilities in our bar! Sessions always start on the hour or half an hour.

You play with us with a maximum of 5/6 players (depending on the location)at a time. If you want to reserve for more than 5/6 players you need several, continuous sessions.

If you book for less than the maximum amount of people in your slot, it is possible that other players participate in the same session. If you prefer to keep the session exclusive, select the "no random players" option when making your reservation.

For sure! Groups of up to 20/21 (depending of the location) players can reserve online. We have a special VR group arrangements for groups of 21/24 to 50/54 people.

Group arrangements with a minimum of 21 players are possible, in consultation, outside of our opening hours.

Because of the safety rules and the necessary gear, the minimum age is set at 10 years.

Please note: every session requires at least one person of 18 years or older to participate.

After completing your booking we will send an automatic booking confirmation. Have you already checked the spam? All payment details are also stated in the booking confirmation.

If you have not received a confirmation, you can contact; state your name, location and playing date.

In the confirmation of your booking you can click on the link to cancel the booking. No money is refunded, but based on the time of cancellation, a percentage of the purchase amount is converted into a voucher code. This code can be used to make a new online booking.The percentages are as follows:

- more than 1 week in advance: 100%

- between 1 week and 96 hours: 75%

- less than 96 hours: 0%

If payment after invoicing has been agreed, the reservation can also be cancelled, but there is no question of any form of reimbursement, either in cash or in a voucher code. As soon as the quotation has been approved, this quotation is binding at all times and this amount will be invoiced, regardless of whether the booking has been cancelled prematurely.

You must be able to walk around during the entire game with a backpack on your back, VR glasses on your head and being able to use both hands. For this reason, our experience is (currently and unfortunately) not wheelchair friendly.

We do not recommend the game for pregnant women and people with severe heart condition or epilepsy. Do you have another condition and do you want to be sure that it does not cause any problems while playing? Then contact us via

Note: players under the clear influence of alcohol and / or drugs can be refused without the right to a refund.

Our hardware and games are designed in such a way that it avoids dizziness and other unpleasant feelings that VR can cause in some cases. Untill now no one had had real problems caused by playing in de VR Arcade. However: if for some reason you are worried about it, or don't feel good, our personnel is trained to help you!

Walking into walls
If you approach an actual wall, the game gives you a clear warning. As long as you follow the game's instructions, you will not have to take of the VR-goggles during the game and you won't walk into a wall.

If the frame is smaller than 142 mm wide and 50 mm high, then it fits in our VR glasses. At our locations there is the possibility to adjust whether your frame fits in our glasses. However: if possible, we recommend to wear contact lenses.

With the arrival of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) our privacy statement has been tightened up per 25 May 2018. In terms of content, nothing has changed for us, since we always (have) handle(d) your data carefully. We have, however, worked hard to give you sufficient insight into how we handle your personal data, in accordance with the GDPR.

What we do not do is ask (again) for permission to process your personal data. The VR Arcade only processes very limited personal data on the basis of your permission. We have already recorded this permission in the past. If you are a member you can change your preferences or permission in your account on our website. If you are not a member, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of our newsletters.

You can consult our new privacy statement on this website. If you still have questions after reading this, please contact us.

We have lockers where you can store your belongings. These lockers have a size of L: 15.7 inch x W: 9.8 inch x D: 16.9 inch.

Yes you can! Are you interested in running your own VR Arcade and want to know the options? Look at our franchise part of the webstite.

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